Restrictions to Understand When Considering Cremation in Milford, OH

When families make decisions for dealing with a deceased loved one’s remains, they must follow state and local regulations. That means, for example, they cannot scatter ashes from a Cremation in Milford OH anywhere in the country. Some states have restrictions in regard to this activity, and families need to learn whether the site they are considering is acceptable.

Fortunately, Ohio laws do not restrict scattering of cremated ashes in the state. Legislators have made this decision because cremated ashes pose no health harm to anyone, no matter what illness the individual may have experienced. After Cremation in Milford OH, families may scatter those ashes wherever they would like as long as they don’t leave Ohio borders. Of course, it’s sensible to avoid certain places. Placing the ashes on someone else’s private property who might not approve is an example. Obtaining written permission from the property owner is always best. Families may scatter ashes over waterways or in parks, although they will want to consider the dignity of and respect for the deceased person. Even if that person loved hiking in a county park, that doesn’t mean the family should scatter the ashes in an area frequently trampled by park visitors. Instead, they might allow the ashes to fly free with the wind over a river or from a cliff.

Ohio state laws also restrict methods of disposition of a deceased person’s remains. Burial in a cemetery after embalming or refrigeration and cremation by a licensed facility or entombment in a mausoleum are allowed. Entombment is technically considered as burial above ground. Some states have approved a type of disposition that involves the use of water and either potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide to liquefy the body and allow the cremation of bone fragments that are still left. This process is scientifically known as alkaline hydrolysis. Ohio does not allow this type of process, and it is unclear whether many families would opt for this choice since it tends to be very expensive.

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