Reviewing How Teeth Whitening In Sutherlin, OR Is Performed

In Oregon, dental patients have immediate access to vital services that improve the look of their teeth. These cosmetic opportunities allow the dentist to take measures to eliminate conditions that hinder the aesthetic appeal of tooth enamel. Teeth whitening in Sutherlin OR is among these procedures that help patients achieve a better smile.

The Assessment for Teeth Whitening

The first step requires the dentist to assess the patient’s teeth and determine if the procedure is safe for them. Patients who have extensive damage such as cavities should not acquire the treatments. These conditions could lead to ineffective results and could cause the patient severe pain. The dentist must perform repairs for these patients before they acquire these whitening treatments.

How is the Procedure Completed?

The dentist places a barrier over the gum line to prevent possible irritation. Once the barrier is in place appropriately, the dentist begins to apply the peroxide solution. The solution is applied to each tooth individually. Next, the dentist uses an ultraviolet light to cure the solution onto the teeth. This allows for maximum removal of severe stains. The dentist cleans away the solution once the treatment is completed.

Who are the Best Candidates for the Procedure?

Patients that have healthy teeth are the most ideal candidates for these procedures. They shouldn’t possess any allergies to peroxide. Equally, if any patient has experienced severe reactions to any peroxide products, they should avoid these treatments.

How Often Should You Get the Treatment?

The dentist will determine the number of treatments required for maximum whiteness. This may include as many as three treatments for patients who smoke or drink beverages that lead to staining. In the most severe cases, the dentist may recommend veneers for the patient to eliminate these stains.

In Oregon, dental patients should consider the benefits of acquiring cosmetic treatments to improve the look of their teeth. These opportunities allow them to address conditions such as severe staining that make their teeth look displeasing. Teeth whitening treatments are among the cosmetic treatments that improve the look of smiles. Patients who wish to acquire Teeth Whitening in Sutherlin OR should visit Website Url to schedule an appointment today.

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