Reviewing Proceedings with a Child Custody Lawyer in Auburn, Indiana

In Indiana, couples follow strict guidelines for child custody assignments. The guidelines offer plans that provide parents with equal rights to the child. The arrangements offer shared decision-making opportunities under certain circumstances. A child custody lawyer in Auburn, Indiana explains the proceedings to parents who need answers now.

Choosing Child Custody Types

The court provides two standard child custody types. Joint child custody is an arrangement where the parents share parenting time. The custody arrangements allow both parents to make decisions for the child, and any emergencies that arise require each parent to notify the other. All medical decisions involve a joint effort.

Sole custody is an arrangement where one parent maintains full control over the child. The noncustodial parent has visitation every other weekend. The parent with sole custody isn’t required to discuss any decisions with their former spouse. If the noncustodial parent presents a risk to the child, the custodial parent can request supervised visitation. During the visits, a court officer is present to oversee visitation and prevent any possible risks.

Who Determines What Custody Arrangement Is Followed?

Couples that reached an agreement during their divorce maintain full control over the child custody assignment. For others, court intervention is needed to make a final decision. A child custody hearing is scheduled separately from a divorce trial where the judge and/or a jury makes the final decision.

If a risk emerges after the custody hearing, the petitioning parent files a motion. A caseworker is assigned to the case, and a home study is conducted to review the alleged risk. Any findings are used to make a final decision about custody.

Can the Parents Change the Arrangement on Their Own?

Parents who are able to work together have the right to change their custody arrangement. An attorney assists the parents in creating a new plan and filing it with the court.

In Indiana, couples choose custody arrangements based on the most appropriate arrangement for the child. Work schedules and other demands determine which parent provides the most suitable living environment. Income plays a role, but it won’t prevent a parent from receiving child custody. Parents who want to start the proceedings should contact a child custody lawyer in Auburn, Indiana at Yoder & Kraus right now. For more information, visit our Google+ page.

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