Rogers Poron – Uses and Applications

Rogers Poron is a microcellular urethane material that is used for gaskets and sealing. It has an excellent set resistance, which makes it ideal for long-term gasket, cushioning and sealing applications. It is an excellent and durable material that doesn’t crumble or become brittle, and it does not corrode metal which makes it ideal for a variety of automotive applications. Some added advantages are that it is low-outgassing and non-fogging, and contains no plasticizers or residual chemicals, which means that it won’t contaminate the device. It has good chemical resistance and is easy to fabricate. It works well with a variety of adhesives and it die-cuts cleanly.


Rogers Poron’s various products make it the choice for a variety of applications. For example, the 4701 series is typically used in products that require cushioning, sealing, impact protection or energy management. This makes it an ideal material for battery impact pads as it is able to restrict movement and act as a shock absorber. It improves tonal quality and acts as a dust sealer when used as a microphone or speaker cushion. When used as a connector, it holds the component in place and helps it to maintain constant contact.


The Rogers Poron Aquapro series is used for applications that require enhanced water protection capabilities. It can be used for headlight and taillight gaskets and roof mounted antennas. No longer will customers complain about that moisture that clouds up their lights.

The Dura-Shape materials are constructed of a polyester film sandwiched between two layers of foam. This results in a material that has long-term shape retention, a greater tear strength, and increased dimensional stability. These features facilitate faster and more accurate die cutting.

As mentioned above the benefits offered by Rogers Poron products are numerous. These benefits can be obtained through the use of these products in various applications, including those in the automotive and residential sectors.

If you’re interested in using this highly effective product for your application, then take the next step to contact a trusted provider of Rogers Poron today. There are quality manufacturers and distributors willing to offer guidance on the product’s use.

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