Running Track Resurfacing Offers Safer Training

Track and field is a very popular sport throughout the United States. Because of its popularity, it is important to keep all running tracks safely maintained to prevent athletes from injuring their feet, ankles and legs, which are the most common injuries to runners. Most injuries that occur on a running track are due to poor running track conditions that could have been prevented if the school or recreational facility took part in running track resurfacing rather than forcing runners to run on a poor running track. The ideal running track is durable yet flexible enough so there is no harm to the runner’s feet and legs.

Runners typically prefer a softer track that can absorb the pounding of their feet over a hard surface that does not absorb the shock and instead sends it back up the runner’s legs. One of the best types of running track to choose is Plexitrac. This advanced track offers the perfect balance between flexibility and durability that runners desire for the most comfortable run. The advanced design of the Plexitrac allows it to reduce fatigue and injuries in athletes, even as they run long distances. Perfect in all climates, Plexitrac is the perfect surface to choose for your running track resurfacing project.

Many running track resurfacing projects are done simply because of the poor nature of the existing track. Poor running tracks run the risk of causing severe injuries to runners, even ending their running career. Many running tracks of years past were made with lead, mercury or metal, putting runners at risk for more than just injury to their legs or feet. Plexitrac is free from all metal, lead or mercury, making it the perfect way to revitalize your existing track. The coating that is on the Plexitrac system keeps it from fading or breaking down from the harsh elements of the weather and hot sun, ensuring  your runners are always running on a safe surface no matter the weather.

Using recycled materials for its construction, Plexitrac offers an environmentally friendly surface for running track resurfacing. When you use Plexitrac you can have standard black running tracks installed or you can even have tracks in your school or team colors. The durability, cushioning and shock absorbency of the Plexitrac system will allow your runners to have extreme comfort, as well as safe running all of the time, minimizing the risk of injury or premature fatigue from a poor track.

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