Safe and Effective Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

When a problem like erectile dysfunction happens (commonly referred to as ED), many males find that it can be even more of a challenge to discuss. But most men are unaware that a vast number of males experience ED at least once during their lifetime. A percentage even deal with ED as a chronic medical condition who are as young as 40 years old. South Florida Men’s Health is a leader in erectile dysfunction treatment in Weston, FL, for any level of ED condition.

Erectile Dysfunction TherapOnce our highly-trained medical professionals determine the potential causes, they will customize a program to suit your individual needs. Then, they will guide you through the management of your hormone replacement and testosterone replacement therapy in the safest, affordable, and most convenient way.

Intracavernous Injection Therapy (ICI

Our unique treatment program called Intracavernous Injection Therapy (ICI) is considered one of the most effective and efficient treatments for erectile dysfunction. This type of therapy consists of the use of FDA-approved medications administered to the penis to increase the flow of blood, which will stimulate the male genitalia and result in a firm erection. This therapy comes highly recommended by the American Urological Association by specialists who regularly treat erectile dysfunction. It is also the most comprehensive erectile dysfunction treatment that Weston, FL, offers.

Begin the Process Toda

When you take the next step in addressing your erectile dysfunction, you will schedule an appointment to consult with our medical specialist who has over 20 years’ experience in treating ED. Call the South Florida Men’s Health Weston Fl at 312-888-5655 today.

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