Saving Money at a Chinese Restaurant

Most people consider Chinese food as a relatively option when eating out at a restaurant in San Francisco. The foods are deliciously prepared and are often not over priced. Of course, what they are missing out on is ways that they could save even more money on their next meal at a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.


The first thing that every person should do is to look for coupons. There are actually several different coupon books in the San Francisco Bay area. One of the best ways to locate these coupon books is just outside of Chinatown or at the Fisherman’s Wharf. These coupon books are full of discounts for area attractions, entertainment, shopping, and dining. That means that they do include some coupons for area Chinese restaurants. They are free to the public too, so there is no excuse whatsoever to not pick up a coupon book.

Early Bird Options

A second way to save on a meal at a Chinese restaurant San Francisco is to check the menus for early bird prices. A lot of the Chinese restaurants will offer a bit of a discount for those who are seated during the afternoon hours before four pm. Some of the restaurants may offer a smaller menu than the dinner menu during these hours, but most of the main menu items are still there. This is an excellent way to save a little extra money on a meal. On top of that there will still be plenty of time left over to enjoy an evening out on the San Francisco Bay.

Discount Gift Cards

The third way to save is by purchasing discounted gift certificates to select Chinese restaurants. There are services where customers can purchase a $25 gift certificate to a certain Chinese restaurant in the San Francisco bay area for just $10. Sometimes the gift certificates are even less than that.

There are certainly more ways to save such as purchasing vouchers through a daily deal site. These are just the easiest ways to save a little extra money on a great meal at a Chinese restaurant. Chinese food is not that expensive, but that does not mean that a person cannot save even more money.ave

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