Securing a Meeting Space for Your Special Event in Oak Brook

Whether it’s a business meeting or a special event, there are several reasons why you might need a large gathering space. Many hotels offer spaces for situations like this, which is beneficial as those who attend the meeting can get a room in the hotel either before or after the event.

Reason Behind the Meeting

Before you begin looking at hotel meeting space in Oak Brook, IL, you should try to create a plan for the purpose of the meeting. This plan can include the date of the meeting as well as the time, who will be invited, and some of the amenities that you might need.


Before deciding on a hotel, consider the services that are offered and those that you know that you might need for your event. These include internet access, projectors, supplies that can be given to guests who are at the meeting, and access to food and beverages if you plan to serve them at the event. When securing a hotel meeting space in Oak Brook, IL, you want to find out if there are additional fees for the services or if they are included in the overall rental.


If you’re holding a structured meeting, then consider a seating chart for those who attend. Another option instead of a seating chart would be placing the chairs in a way so that guests know where to sit and where they should avoid sitting in order to keep everyone together. Ask the hotel if chairs are provided or if you need to provide your own chairs for the event.

If you need a hotel space for your event, then contact Only in Oak Brook for more information about how to proceed.

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