Sedation Dentistry: Easing Patient’s Dental Phobia

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Cosmetic Dentist

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Every year, millions of Americans avoid the dentist. They do not do so out of monetary concerns. They do not have perfect teeth requiring little to no attention. They choose to dodge the dentist for one reason – they are afraid. For this reason, dentists are currently offering what is referred to as sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

As the name indicates, a this type of dentistry involves the patient being placed under some form of sedation – a state of tranquility. In other words, the application of specific medication or techniques will reduce the level of anxiety a patient displays when sitting in a dental chair. Sedation dentistry will reduce the fear patients have while permitting the necessary dental practices to occur.

The Right Type of Sedation

Sedation falls into one of several categories. All are deemed safe and effective by the diverse dental organizations. However, Make certain your dentist is well versed and trained in the diverse techniques and technology involved in applying this type of dentistry. These include:

  • Minimal sedation: A minimally depressed level of consciousness reached through pharmacological methods. This produces a mild effect on such things as cognitive function and co-ordination
  • Moderate sedation: also the result of drugs, this type of sedation still permits the patient to respond to tactile and verbal commands
  • Deep sedation: Using drugs, this form of sedation is more complete in its ability to depress consciousness

All three types of sedation can successfully reduce your sensations of anxiety. The option you and your dentist choose will reflect your specific level of apprehension.

Sedation Dentistry

No longer will anxiety come between you and your oral health. Whether you are only mildly anxious or extremely apprehensive, modern dentistry has the answer. Let sedation dentistry remove all fears while helping you obtain the smile you truly deserve to have.

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