Seeing General Dentists in Pampa TX for Invisible Braces

Many adults who want to get their misaligned teeth straightened qualify to get invisible braces from General Dentists in Pampa TX. With this dental technology, they don’t need to deal with traditional metal braces that are generally recommended for youngsters. Many alignment problems can be corrected with these clear removable devices that fit snugly over the teeth. They gradually shift the teeth into proper position. As the teeth move, new aligners must be used in place of the old ones. The braces are custom-fit for each patient.

General Dentists in Pampa TX increasingly acquire the training that allows them to offer this service. Teeth straightening once was only done by orthodontic specialists, and those dentists still typically manage the alignment and bite corrections needed by children and teenagers. They also offer invisible braces, but many people prefer to rely on their family dentist for the service. That way, they can have all their dental care done at one clinic.

In some instances, an adult has spent years feeling dissatisfied with misaligned teeth. In other cases, orthodontic work was completed when this person was a child or teenager, but the teeth have shifted out of alignment to a certain extent. This problem is more common than most people realize. It’s why orthodontists and general dentist now encourage wearing removable retainers every day for at least a year or two after fixed braces have been removed. For people whose teeth have already shifted out of place, invisible braces will resolve the problem.

A family dentist clinic such as Panhandle Dental provides clear aligners for adults as well as for teenagers who are responsible enough to keep the devices in nearly all the time. Patients must understand that these aligners need to be on the teeth at least 20 hours a day or the straightening process will take much longer than expected. That means wearing the devices during sleep and when going out to social events. Essentially, the only times patients should have the aligners off is when they are eating food or drinking any beverages other than water, or when they are cleaning their teeth and the invisible braces. Visit the website for further information.

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