Seeking Civil Damages in a Personal Injury Case

If you have sustained injury while driving in Beaver, Pennsylvania, at work, or due to the malfunction of a product that does not meet expectations, you probably know the pain and emotional trauma that is involved not only in recovery, but also in trying to keep up with bills. Before it reaches that point, however, consulting with a personal injury attorney in Beaver can help.

“I was so unbelievably angry,” says Grant Parker, who was hurt when movers accidentally dropped a chair that they were attempting to lower from a high rise window, which landed on his back, causing him to sustain permanent spinal injuries to the degree that he can no longer walk. “When it happened, I thought a piano had fallen on me, like in the old cartoons. I was in shock. But that shock just grew to rage when bills kept coming in and I couldn’t work, then doctor bills started piling up. It felt totally overwhelming to the point where I just wished I had not survived.”

Parker consulted with a personal injury attorney who not only helped him to navigate some of the complexities of dealing with insurance issues, but who also sought civil and punitive damages in court. “Those movers were endangering the public by trying to bring down that reclining chair with ropes instead of just using the elevator,” he said. “They had that thing – 60 pounds – hanging over a pedestrian sidewalk with no kind of precautions or license to do so.”

Parker’s personal injury attorney convinced the court that not only were the movers using spurious judgment and not following appropriate procedures, but that his client should be awarded punitive damages as well, resulting in a judgment for compensation that totaled more than two million dollars.

For residents of Pennsylvania, a personal injury attorney in Beaver can assist clients not only in handling insurance cases when severely injured in traffic accidents or on the job, but also can pursue civil and punitive damages above and beyond normal damages, providing for a way to fully compensate for the amount of loss that occurs when someone is permanently injured through no fault of their own, even if by falling furniture.

Parker said of his personal injury attorney, “She’s great. She helped pull me through the whole ordeal when I would have probably just given up on my own. She not only explained the law to me, but provided me with resources and assistance dealing with bill collectors and getting medical referrals – all that paperwork and bureaucracy – when I needed help. She’s well worth her pay.”

Personal Injury Attorney Beaver Severe injuries caused by inappropriate conduct of other people can be pursued by a personal injury attorney in Beaver in order to secure appropriate compensation. Luxenberg, Garbett, Kelly & George are highly experienced and accomplished in personal injury cases in Pennsylvania.

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