Selecting The Right Club For Golf Courses In Austin, TX

To improve your golf game, you’ll need to choose the right club for each shot. It doesn’t matter how well or how straight you hit the ball—using the incorrect club won’t give you the results you want. Each club in your bag is designed for a certain distance and situation, but you shouldn’t depend on a book to tell you how far a club should hit. Below, you’ll get some tips on finding the perfect club for your shot.

1. Use a matched set of clubs. A PGA-regulation set is fourteen clubs, including the 1, 3 and 5 woods, the 2-9 irons, a putter, sand wedge and pitching wedge. Using a perfectly matched set will leave you with a uniform feel as you swing each club; uniformity is important in developing consistency in your game. During a round at one of the golf courses Austin, TX, you’ll find a chance to use each club in your bag—and not having the right club will only add to your handicap.

2. Learn how you use each club. Most amateurs hit their irons and woods far shorter than the pros; just because your favorite PGA golfer can hit a 175-yard shot with a 9 iron doesn’t mean you can. Work with your own strengths and weaknesses and build upon what you can do.

3. Swing consistently while you’re on the fairway. Whether you’re using a fairway iron, wood or driver, swing the same way. Your ball’s loft and distance depend on the club face’s angle and the length of its shaft, not on adapting your swing.

4. Consider the course conditions. Sometimes you’ll need to use a shorter or longer club than would normally be appropriate. For instance, if you’re 150 yards away from the pin and there’s a headwind, you’ll need to use a longer, lower-trajectory club than you would on a calm day.

5. Realize that things change when you’re within 90 feet of the green. Putting, chipping and bunker shots are all highly specialized, requiring different swings and techniques. Using the practice green at the driving range will help you sharpen your skills so you can more efficiently handle those short-game situations.

When you’re ready to put these into practice, contact Plum Creek Golf Course at to schedule your tee time.

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