Senior Citizens Increasingly Choose Dental Implants From General Dentists in Baltimore, MD

With the population of senior citizens growing at a rapid pace, more people than ever are experiencing issues with their teeth that are often associated with aging. They seek help from General Dentists in Baltimore MD, for problems such as teeth discoloration that tend to develop with age as well as a need for tooth replacement after a tooth needs to be extracted.

A paradox exists in that more people than ever are turning 65 and older, but fewer of them are getting dentures. It’s more common for elderly individuals to retain all or most of their own teeth throughout their lifetimes. When they do need to have one or more extracted, they tend to choose dental implants instead of bridges or a full set of dentures.

A dentist such as Lawrence Chen, DDS, encourages patients to choose implants over bridges or dentures if the person is a good candidate for implants and if he or she can afford it. Not every Medicare Advantage dental insurance policy covers the full, or even partial, cost of implants. Some policies still view implants as a cosmetic option instead of a medical necessity even though dentists advocate strongly for implants. Implants help maintain the strength and density of the jawbone, and medical professionals understand how important this is.

General Dentists in Baltimore MD, provide a range of cosmetic services that senior citizens want in order to continue looking as youthful as possible. Members of the baby boomer generation are known for their efforts to rejuvenate their appearance, and cosmetic dental services can be important for that. Although dental implants have medical benefits for the jaw, they also tend to look more natural than other types of artificial teeth, and it’s less likely anyone will notice a dental implant.

Also, there is the aspect of not having to remove implants for cleaning and soaking, which is the case with removable bridges and full sets of dentures. Senior citizens don’t want to be seen without their teeth, even by a person they have been married to for decades. Get additional info here about dental implants and other cosmetic and necessary dental care.

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