Services for Asphalt in Ferndale, WA, Include Striping Parking Lots

Striping is needed for parking lots made of asphalt in Ferndale, WA. After all, a parking lot is simply not a parking lot if you don’t know where to park your car. That makes the task of striping an ongoing activity. One of the inquiries that Ferndale asphalt professionals often are asked is “How do you make your stripes straight?”

Painting the Stripe

You need a professional company for your striping and asphalt work. Workers in the trade must position the tip guard on their striping machine next to the chalk line while focusing on the tip guard at the same time. When the paint starts to flow, they want the side of the paint stripe to land precisely on the chalk line they have made. As a guide, they snap the chalk line to the side as they are applying the stripe.

Getting Started

To get lined up, asphalt and striping professionals perform a test on a piece of practice cardboard first. Next, they push the striping machine forward to make sure they are traveling parallel to the line of chalk. They run along the line at about three miles per hour. Before they begin walking, they position the gun of the sprayer right over the beginning point. This is not the time to “drag race” along the line-the striper simply walks along. After a few normal strides, they are up to speed.

In order to prepare themselves for the process, the technician rolls the striping machine back about six inches before the beginning point. Next, they concentrate on the starting point while, again, being cognizant of the tip guard. They begin walking at a normal pace and pull the trigger of the machine when they note that the tip guard is directly over the beginning spot.

Technicians only focus on the area where the paint is hitting the pavement. If they do miss the chalk line, they do not take corrective action at that time, but they just keep going in a straight line. You might say striping is a kind of art-one that requires focus, patience, and a professional asphalt company to do the job right.

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