Set The Tone And Create Harmony With Marriage Cards

by | Jul 6, 2012 | Marriage Services, Shopping

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The story of your new life together as a couple begins with your marriage cards. Whether you are planning a Sikh, Hindu or Muslim wedding, the invitations set the tone for the entire event. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for invitation cards and other accessories.

Start shopping early. As with most things in life, timing is everything! It will usually take at least 10 business days to print and deliver your marriage cards once the design is finalized. It is common courtesy to mail invitations at least two weeks prior to your wedding day; a bit longer is usually more desirable. This means you will want to start looking for a printer approximately two months in advance to allow yourself adequate time to choose, print, address and mail the invitations.

Most printers offer a variety of pre-designed marriage cards to choose from. This is often the most economical choice. Just because they are pre-designed, doesn’t mean they lack variety, however. There are usually a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from in a variety of sizes and colors, from simple to sophisticated.

Many people prefer to infuse some of their own personality into the design of their wedding cards. In this case, the design possibilities are endless. You can choose from the finest materials from all over the world. Silk-laid paper, banyan leaves, tassels and jewels can all be incorporated into the design of your invitations. You can also use some of the latest printing techniques including stamping, foiling, embossing and/or dye cutting for even more visual interest. Of course, the more exquisite the wedding cards become, the more expensive they will be as well. Your budget may be a limiting factor.

If you are inviting guests from different cultures, make sure that the printer you choose can translate the message accurately into different languages. Every aspect of your day should be perfect—right down the punctuation! A top quality printer will not only proof the marriage cards, but will also allow you to look at the final proof and make any changes as necessary.

Don’t forget any additional items you will need. These may include envelope seals, RSVP cards with return envelopes, place cards, wedding programs, and or thank you cards with return envelopes. It is customary to print all of these items with the same thematic elements using similar quality stationary products and embellishments. You may even want to coordinate the color scheme with your other wedding events for a more unified, harmonious feeling.

Marriage cards are more than just a piece of paper. They are often the only form of written communication with your guests and set the tone for the entire event. The same attention to detail that was put into selecting your future partner should be put into selecting a top quality printer who can help you select the perfect marriage cards for the occasion.