Should You Add a Shed to Your Property for Additional Backyard Storage?

Adding a shed in your backyard gives you more room to store your tools or lawn equipment. Maybe you would like to add a shed that also works as an additional room or office? Before you do, you should find out how complicated it is to add a shed to your backyard and if your homeowner’s association or city requires any permits.

Before You Buy

Before you start searching for sheds for sale, you want to find out how hard it is to build one. Ask yourself if you can buy one prebuilt and how much it will cost you. Determine how much time it will take to get an approval if you need one. If you consider yourself a handy person, you can buy a shed that requires a little bit of construction and handles the assembly task on your own. You can save money when you buy one that needs some work on your end. However, keep in mind that your city or HOA may classify your shed as a detached structure that requires a permit before you can start building. If you do need a permit, you might have to limit the size of the shed, and in some cases, you can only build it in your front yard.

Other Restrictions

Most restrictions for adding a shed vary by county and city. In rural areas, the restrictions may be fairly lenient. You may only need a permit if your shed exceeds 500 or more square feet. Some cities may require a zoning permit if your shed is more than 200 feet, but those restrictions may not exist if you live in a rural community.

It pays to do a little homework before you start searching for sheds for sale. Find out if your city or county has any restrictions. If you have any questions, contact Sheds for Sale NJ today.

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