Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

No one likes a leaky roof. A leaky or rotted roof can absolutely ruin your house, leaving it wide open to the elements to ravage it without anything to stop it. But do you need to simply repair your roof? Or has the damage gotten so bad that you need to replace the entire roof altogether? How do you know the difference? If you have residential roofing in Daytona Beach area, and are wondering when you need to repair or replace your roof, read on for a guide to the difference.

When to Repair
Repairing your roof is important to keep the integrity of the home. But it can be tricky to decide when to repair and difficult to find small leaks and other minor issues that can become larger over time. Even if it’s just one part of the whole thing that’s proving to be a problem, it could be a small hole that could grow into a larger one if left unchecked. Or some mold that’s grown on one part because of trapped moisture. These are minor issues that, yes, if left alone would become major issues. However, if you find them in time, you can replace a certain part of the roof, or just patch it up as needed, and the problem has been fixed.

Patching leaks
There’s a time to fix a leak, and a time to patch it. They seem like the same thing, but however, fixing a leak is more along the lines of replacing shingles, while simply patching is when the shingles don’t quite need to be replaced just yet. Until then, you use a special asphalt patch on the hole to keep the moisture out until the shingles do need to be replaced.

When to replace
Knowing when the right time is to replace your roof is simple: if the issues mentioned above have gone unnoticed so long that the inside of your roof has become rotted or broken, it’s past time. If that happens, your first tip off will be water leaking into your home. The time to replace is before your roof has become seriously damaged or soaked with the elements.

If you need professional assistance with either roof repair or replacement, contact R & K Roofing to set up an appointment.

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