Signs it is Time to Call for Wood Rot Repair Liberty MO

When it comes to home repairs, there are some issues that are obvious. The problem is blatantly visible, and homeowners realize that repair is needed. However, there are other problems, such as wood rot that may be hidden, which allows it to continue to grow, causing significant damage. If wood rot goes on, undetected, it may begin to affect the health of those inside the home, along with the stability of the structure. Getting to know the signs it is time to call for Wood Rot Repair Liberty MO is imperative. Some of the biggest signs of a problem can be found here.

Decaying or Damaged Timber

When searching for signs of wood rot, one of the best indications of a problem is if the wood feels soft. Does the wood seem spongy? Or, is it crumbly and brittle? If so, it is likely damaged or has begun to decay due to the rot. This part of the wood will need to be removed to ensure the rot does not continue to spread. Another indication it is time for Wood Rot Repair in Liberty MO is if there is a section of wood that appears darkened or shrunken.

The Presence of Spore Dust

In some cases, dry rot spores can be seen without any rot being present. However, if there are big, concentrated patches of this dust, then there is definitely a reason to be worried. If there are areas of the dust that are brown, rust red or orange, then it’s a good idea to call for professionals to help and evaluate the situation.

Hyphae on the Timber

At some point, after the wood rot has been present, the rot spores will begin to develop grey, fine strands that are called hyphae. These often look like cobwebs and they extract moisture from nearby timber. This is another sign that repairs are necessary.

Anytime a homeowner notices signs of wood rot, they should get in touch with the professionals right away. This is just a problem that is going to continue to get worse. More information about wood rot and how to get rid of it can be found by contacting the professionals at Platinum Painting LLC or by visiting the website.

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