Signs That A Homeowner Should Contact A Roofing Service in St. Charles MO

If a roof is damaged or flawed, it can create leaks in the home. A leaky roof can also lead to mold problems and structural damage. Because the roof is so important to the overall health of the home and the things inside it, the homeowner should be able to recognize the problem so that they can contact a roofing service in St. Charles MO immediately.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles are one of the most obvious signs that there is a problem with the roof. Shingles can fall off during extreme weather or if the roof is old. When this happens, it can result in a leak in the home. If a homeowner finds shingles in their yard, driveway, or on their walkway, they should contact a roofing service in St. Charles MO right away.

Damaged Flashing

The material that connects joints on the roof, such as where the chimney and the roof connect, is called flashing. It is made of a thin metal, which over time or during severe weather, can be damaged. If a homeowner notices that there is a leak in their home in an area where there is flashing on the roof, they should contact a professional to handle the repair.

Decaying Shingles

Decaying shingles can be very damaging to the structure of the home because they can be difficult to detect. In some cases, the decaying shingles will fall off the roof. There are cases, however, when the shingles won’t fall off. They will lift up and water can build up underneath. This can create mold. If a homeowner suspects that the shingles on their home are decaying, they should contact a professional.

Missing Granules

Shingles can crack in the hot sun. This is why they are covered with granules. Granules are a rough coating that is put on the shingles to protect them. If a homeowner notices that there is black debris in their gutters or downspouts, the granules on their shingles are likely coming off. It is best that the homeowner contacts a professional roofer before the shingles crack and cause a leak in the roof.

If a homeowner has any problem with their roof, they should contact the professionals at Affordable Exteriors. If the problem is repaired quickly, it won’t compromise the structure of the home or the things inside.

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