Signs That Window Replacements are in Order

Windows are intended to last for decades, but there are times when they do need to be replaced. Knowing that the time has come to do something about the windows will save the homeowner a lot of money. Here are some signs that make it easier to know when to call a contractor and start talking seriously about Window Replacements for the entire home.

Things are Drafty

The house is definitely draftier than it was in years past. A little investigation proves that the problem has to do with the windows. The sashes are not as tight as they were before, and there are tiny cracks around the frame. That is letting a lot of air seep into the home. Choosing to arrange for new Window Replacements will take care of all these problems and make the house snug again.

The Heating and Cooling Bills are Increasing

A comparison of the heating and cooling bills with the bills for the same period last year show that the cost has increased significantly. Assuming the utility companies have not increased rates, that means more energy is being consumed in controlling the temperature indoors. If the windows are worn and in need of replacing, it is a safe bet that they are the cause of the increase in costs. Once the new windows are in place, expect the utility bills to decrease by a noticeable amount.

Security Concerns

The windows are really not providing much in the way of protection. It would take very little to break through one of them and get into the house without anyone noticing. The best approach is to invest in new windows that are harder to breach. Many window designs come with safety features that do help improve home security. While they may cost a little more, they will provide more security for everyone living in the house.

For help with choosing the right replacements, contact the team at Apple Glass Company today. A representative can visit the home and go over the types of windows that would work, the options for materials, and the cost of purchase and installation. Once the details are ironed out, the project can get underway, and the homeowner can begin enjoying the benefits immediately. You can also like us on Facebook.

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