Signs You Need a Root Canal, Call a Dentist in Lakeview

For many people, hearing that they need a root canal is a scary thing. The truth is, however, is that a Lakeview area dentist can make a root canal a very simple and easy experience, no more traumatic than getting a filling. Do you think you might need this procedure? Here are the signs:

A Lot of Pain

A toothache is a big sign of needing a root canal, though not everyone has pain associated with them. Other things can cause pain in a tooth, too, but if it is difficult to drink or eat, or if the pain becomes too much to take, you should make an appointment with a dentist.


If you experience swelling in your neck or your face, this, too, is a sign that you probably need a root canal.

Bumps on the Gums

Known as fistulous tracts, or gum boils, a bump on the gum tissue also indicates that you probably need a root canal. These bumps might get smaller or larger depending on the infection in the tooth. Most people who have these bumps also have a bad taste in their mouth, as pus is draining from the bump.

Hot and Cold Sensitivity

If you have the sudden sensitivity to cold foods, such as ice, or hot foods, such as coffee, you could have a tooth that requires a root canal. The pain might be dull or sharp; either way, you should see a dentist.

Difficulties Chewing or Biting

Many people who need a root canal experience difficulties when chewing or biting. When you apply pressure to the tooth, and it hurts, you should probably get X-rays of your tooth.

Tooth Changes Color

Finally, if your tooth starts to change color and darken up, it could indicate trauma, such as an infection, which might require root canal treatment.

If you think you need a root canal, contact Dental Professionals of Lincoln Park near Lakeview.

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