Signs You Need Brake Repairs in Davenport,IA

The brakes are one of the most integral parts of the vehicle’s functionality, so it is very important to be on the lookout for signs that Brake Repairs in Davenport IA may be required. As soon as any of these things are noticed, call a brake repair professional for help.

Slowed Response Time

If brakes are in ideal condition, they respond immediately upon being tapped to stop the vehicle. As time goes on, brakes that need repair will often start to have a slower and slower response time. If it takes just a bit longer for the brakes to engage with each stop, over time this can mean that it won’t be possible to stop fast enough to respond to emergencies at all. Brakes with a slowed response time may be in the earliest stages of wear, and the sooner that it is addressed the better.

Odd Noises

Odd noises coming from the brakes is perhaps the best-known sign of brake trouble. Screeching or squealing is common if the brake pads get worn. Grinding or groaning noises may mean that the brake pads are gone, causing the rotors to grind against the calipers. If this is left unchecked, it could mean that the whole brake system will need replacement later.

Alignment Issues

If the car tends to pull to either side while driving it could indicate a brake issue. Uneven brake pads are often the cause of irregular alignment. Those uneven pads cause uneven pressure on the wheels. In turn, the vehicle will veer to the side with the most friction. A caliper can also get stuck and cause this type of pulling, as well. This is a simple fix in many cases, often requiring only a brake pad replacement for one of the brake pads. Leaving it as is will eventually mean problems while driving as well as a major brake repair or replacement.

If any of the warnings to get Brake Repairs in Davenport IA listed above sound familiar, it’s time to take action before it gets any worse. Call Bi-State Auto Service Center Service to arrange an appointment today.

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