Signs You Need Sex Addiction Rehab

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Health Care

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Our fast-paced, high-stress lifestyles have led to a completely unexpected problem that is causing heartache for people in astounding numbers. Surprisingly, these problems affect both men and women, single and not. For people who have fallen into the trap of using sexual release as a means for dealing with stress, sex addiction rehab may be needed to keep it from taking over their lives.

Your Solo Sex Is Increasing

Many men and women develop a sexual addiction through masturbation. It’s an easy way to relax at the end of a stressful day. For some people, however, this becomes a crutch for dealing with regular challenges. Instead of dealing with them in healthy ways, they retreat to seclusion to pleasure themselves. This causes many kinds of problems.

Men in particular may lose interest in sex with other partners when they masturbate too often. The hormones released during ejaculation lower sex drive. For people in relationships, this lack of physical connection may be devastating for their partners. While men feel rejected when their partners turn them down, women are much more likely to take this personally.

If you find yourself masturbating for the sole purpose of relaxing, you may need sex addiction rehab. This is a sign you’re becoming dependent on the activity. In this situation, you may need help finding alternatives during withdrawal.

Your Porn Habits Are Increasing in Intensity

Problems with porn are much more about the level of shock required to get off than with how often you watch it. While spending hours watching porn is definitely a warning sign, this becomes a real health problem when your viewing habits diverge into other bad behaviors. This begins when your selection of porn becomes more deviant or violent.

Once you find yourself watching pornographic materials for the feeling of shock versus typical sexual arousal, you need to get yourself help. This kind of habit can lead to the inability to connect sexually in respectful ways with a human partner. It can eventually encourage abuse of you or someone else and is rarely based in sexual gratification.

You’re Getting Involved in Risky Behaviors

Sex addiction can begin as innocently as flirting with a stranger in a chat room. Soon you’re looking at amateur sex videos with real people and agreeing to meet strangers in person. If you find yourself taking part in activities that risk your health and sexual gratification is not your focus, you need to find a sex addiction rehab right away. Sex is one of the most beneficial activities a person can partake in emotionally or physically. When twisted to meet other needs, it can be a destructive and dangerous force. If you have problems with sexual health, find an addiction counselor before you get hurt or hurt someone else.