Simple Options for Additional Car Storage

When your home’s personal “fleet” of cars outgrows your garage space, it can cause a big concern. Having your vehicles sit out in the elements shortens their life and can wreak havoc on their exterior finish, as it is exposed to the glaring sun, extreme cold and weather like hail.

To protect the value of your vehicles, it’s time to start looking for alternatives to keep your additional cars out of the elements. Of course, you could consider adding on another garage, but this can be a significant expense and can take lots of time. There are some low cost options that might be the perfect solution to your needs for additional car storage.

Portable Garage Canopy – These portable garages are easy to set up wherever you have a need for more car storage, yet provide a sturdy and potentially permanent solution to your car storage needs. These are made from UV protected fabric, with a galvanized steel frame. These come in several sizes, suitable whether you need storage for one car or up to three. Some include zippered doors to keep your car completely protected. These portable garage canopies work well for storing lawn equipment and other items, as well. There is very little work required to install these garages, and you can move them whenever you desire.

Steel Carports – These are a more permanent solution, with anchored footings. These may be installed over a concrete pad or on grass, if you prefer. These look so similar to traditional carports, that they look quite nice sitting adjacent to your home. You can choose from polycarbonate ceilings or completely steel structures. Some include partial sidewalls to provide further protection. These are an affordable option when you don’t need your car storage to be portable. Though these are a permanent solution, you’ll have no trouble installing one yourself in just a few hours. These are available for one or two cars.

Whether you choose a portable garage canopy or a steel carport, you can rest assured that your new garage options will give you plenty of wear and many years of protection as long as you purchase from a reputable company with high quality products.

Talk to your portable garage and canopy company today, to discuss the options for materials, shipping and installation. Your extra vehicles will be out of the elements in no time.

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