Situations Calling for Checking Dental Fillings in Charlotte, NC

Most people understand the basic function of Dental Fillings in Charlotte, NC. The fillings help to fill the space left after decay is removed from a tooth. In some cases, a filling is topped with a crown to provide the most protection for the tooth. Situations can arise when it is necessary to take a second look at that filling. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Development of More Decay

Over time, the remaining portion of the tooth may experience more decay. When that happens, the filling will no longer be a perfect fit. At this juncture, the only alternative is to determine if a new filling is needed or if the time has come for the tooth to be extracted. A dentist can look closely at the condition of the tooth and provide the patient with the best possible recommendation.

Cracking a Tooth

While Dental Fillings in Charlotte, NC, help to preserve damaged teeth, they do not make them indestructible. It is still possible to bite on something that is a little too hard and crack one or more teeth. A dental professional can check the extent of the damage and see if the filling needs to be replaced or if adding a new crown would be advisable.

Pain in the Tooth

If pain develops under the filling, the dentist will want to find out if some type of infection has set in. Depending on the underlying cause of the paint, it may be a good idea to remove the filling, do some additional work, and then put in a new one. At other times, the best approach may be to get rid of the tooth altogether.

Remember that, in the best case scenario, fillings will last a lifetime. For those who have not been to a dentist in some time and feel the need for an exam, read the full info here about how to schedule an appointment, what to bring along, and what sort of elements are included in that first exam. With a little time and effort, it will be possible to identify any dental issues present and come up with a plan of action to make the teeth healthy again.

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