Situations the Require an Immediate Trip to an Emergency Dentist in California MD

Dental emergencies are not always avoidable. However, not all dental situations are considered true emergencies. It’s important to know which problems require an immediate trip to an Emergency Dentist in California MD. There are a few things to ask yourself before rushing to the dentist.

Is the Pain Constant or Sporadic?

Tooth pain is never good, but some toothaches are not really an emergency. If your tooth only hurts when a stimulus is applied, then you’re most likely dealing with tooth sensitivity. This is often caused by weakened tooth enamel or gum erosion. Schedule a dental exam at your earliest convenience.

However, if the toothache doesn’t go away, then you’re dealing with something worse. Any toothache that can’t be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers is considered a dental emergency. It’s time to see an Emergency Dentist in California MD to rule out a possible tooth infection.

Can You Sleep Through the Night?

Minor toothaches, while still very painful, shouldn’t disrupt your regular sleep cycle. Most patients who have a toothache that’s caused by a small cavity or tooth sensitivity can sleep soundly through the night. It’s still important to see a dentist, but you don’t have to rush to make an appointment.

If your tooth hurts so badly that it wakes you up out of a deep sleep, then there is something more going on. The nerve of the tooth may be inflamed. Get to an emergency dentist first thing in the morning. The quicker the tooth is treated, the better the prognosis.

Is the Tooth Still in the Socket?

There’s nothing scarier than realizing your tooth is loose. While loose teeth are common in children, they’re not normal for adults. In most instances, loose teeth are caused by gum disease. While this is very serious, you don’t need to make an emergency appointment during after hours.

However, if the loose tooth falls out of the socket, you need to rush to a dentist right away. In some cases, especially those related to facial trauma, the dentist may be able to reinsert the tooth. Quick action is required.

It’s scary to experience a dental emergency. Be sure to remain calm as you decide whether or not you need emergency care. Click here to learn more about the services offered by an emergency dentist.

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