Smile With More Confidence as You Stroll Around Monroe, Louisiana

The lost of a few teeth as you become much older is often thought of as a natural thing, but what happens if your tooth loss is the result of an accident or injury? If you are not nearly half a century old, you might feel quite self-conscious about a missing tooth or two. Much older adults certainly do feel that way, but nobody has go about Monroe, LA, being tightlipped and not smiling. There is a way you can get your confidence back and smile a beautiful smile around Monroe.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures from Monroe, LA, dentist can help restore your smile in a way that is virtually undetectable. Better still, your smile will look so much nicer with the artificial teeth filling the gaps. You can feel the partial, but other people won’t see it unless you point it out to them or remove it. Consider partial dentures from Monroe, LA, dentists who know how to make them and make them look amazing.

A More Expensive Option

If you would rather have something more permanent, you can request implants. However, implants are not typically covered by insurance and they will cost quite a bit more than a partial denture. Talk to a dentist about both options, but the least expensive and still adequate choice is the partial denture.

Don’t have a dentist who makes partial dentures? No problem! Just contact The Denture Center: Dr. Jeetendra Patel, DDS, to schedule an appointment and a consultation today.

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