Social Security Disability Benefits: Are You Eligible to Get Them in Hemet, CA?

Are you suffering from a disease that is restricting you to go to your work? Are you the only earning member of your family? How will you manage to feed your family? Why don’t you apply for SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits? This will help you to run your family even when you have no source of income. However, when applying for SSD benefits, it is imperative to get yourself a legal representation. There are plenty of reasons behind this. However, the most important one among them is – near about 70 percent of initial applications are rejected by the SSA (Social Security Administration). So, if you have an experienced and competent lawyer by your side, your application is more likely to get accepted for further proceedings.

When you hire a reputable and expert SSD lawyer you also get the following benefits:

Your lawyer will assist you in completing SSA (Social Security Administration) application forms.

He (or she)will submit your application online and other supporting documents.

He (or she) will also get your medical history.

He (or she) will get in touch with your doctor.

Your lawyer will confer about your case with the SSA.

Most of the times, we avoid visiting a law office out of fear of shelling out a huge amount of money. Dear friend, though there are many lawyers who ask a fortune as there attorney fee, all of them are not like that. So, if you choose a reliable lawyer – you would not be asked to pay a fortune. In fact good lawyers firm such as Eric R. Hunt Attorney offers free of cost initial consultation.

About attorney fees…

For Social Security Disability cases, attorney fee is based on the percentage of the amount recovered combined with a fee amount as established by the SSA.

So, now you should not avoid hiring a lawyer. When it comes to SSD benefits there are a number of factors related to it. One of the most important one is – you cannot avail SSD benefits just like that, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria first.

You need to qualify the following tests:

A ‘recent work’ examination on the basis of your age when you became disabled.

A ‘duration of work’ examination showing that you have worked for long under Social Security.

If you pass the tests mentioned above then you are eligible for Social Security Disability. Hemet, CA is one of the best places to being your search for a SSD lawyer. You can connect us at Linkedin.

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