Specialty Medical Gases

When thinking of medical gases NYC the first ones that come to mind are likely to be oxygen and nitrous oxide. These are very important in the medical arena, but there are other lesser known gases that are just as important. These specialty gases are used less frequently and in smaller amounts, but are just as necessary to the patients that need them.

You may not realize it but these specialty medical gases NYC are used every day in hospitals and in medical laboratories. There are also clinicians at associated organizations that provide services to the medical industry that use these gases as well.

Test gas mixtures is one of these specialty medical gases. These gases are used to test and calibrate some of the critical instruments used in a hospital. They will be used to test equipment that measures lung functions or blood gas analyzers. And outside of the medical field they will be used to calibrate breathalyzers that police use in the field. The technology to produce these gases is extremely sophisticated. The criteria for the manufacturing of the test gases is different than for therapeutic medical gases.

Another important use of specialty medical gases NYC is for incubators. These gases create a controlled environment within a medical chamber. They will control things such as temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration for vulnerable infants. Incubators can be used for other purposes as well. It can be anything from maintaining the integrity of body parts or tissues for transplants to storing eggs and embryos for in vitro fertilization.

And who would want to go into surgery without anesthetics? These are considered specialty gases. During an operation it is critical that the right amount of gaseous anesthesia is achieved and sustained for the patient to breath. Examples of these types of gases is nitrous oxide, desfluorane, sevofluorane, and isoflorance. Also the rare gas xenon makes an excellent anesthetic. It induces quick and stable anesthesia while providing neuroprotection.

Pure gases play just as big a role in the healthcare industry as the mixed gases. The diagnostic work done using these gases is important in preventive and diagnostic medicine. On or off site laboratories conduct analysis for hospitals on blood and urine samples. These tests likely use anaerobic or aerobic gas mixtures for cultivation using plate microbiology.

Specialty medical gases NYC play an important part in your hospital stay. They provide the healthcare community to better diagnose and treat illnesses.

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