Standard Services to Expect When You Take Your Vehicle to a Mechanic

Modern cars are often more challenging to take care of than older model cars. Simple tasks, including changing the oil or rotating tires, can now require tools and equipment that you do not have on hand at home. When you realize that you cannot perform most of the services needed to keep your vehicle on the road, you can instead take it to a licensed, professional mechanic. You should expect to have access to these auto services in Chicago when you take your car to any mechanic for repairs.

Fluid and Filter Changes

Having the fluids and filters in your engine changed every three to six months can be vital in keeping your car in good running condition. Fluids like the oil and transmission fluid can become dirty and turn into sludge after a few months. They can actually be a detriment instead of an asset to your engine.

When you take your car in for auto services in Chicago, you can expect a mechanic to be able to flush out the reservoirs and fill them with new fluids. He or she should also be able to change out the filters for these reservoirs as well as the one for air intake in your engine.

Brake Pad and Shoe Replacement

A trained mechanic should also be able to change out the brake pads and shoes on your car. Regardless of what make and model your car is, the mechanic should be able to pull off the calipers, axle and tie rod to get to these parts. He or she should also know how to put the pads and shoes back on as well as the parts that had to be removed for the job.

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