Subsalve: Industry Leader in Buoyancy Control Devices Since 1977

As a trusted name in the world of engineered inflatables since 1977, we are proud to have worked with the likes of NASA, the Navy, Sea Tow, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Exxon, and many other titans of industry. Our products are second to none and are carefully crafted in order to overcome some of the toughest hurdles in not only commercial and recreational fields, but also in scientific and military applications as well. We offer a whole host of products ranging from aircraft and vehicle airbag recovery, marine construction, ordnance disposal, proof load testing, research, control and actuation, liquid containment, marine salvage and towing, pipeline, and tunnel maintenance and construction, public safety, and shipyard draft reduction. We’re proud to specialize in the production of any buoyancy control device that you may need, as this is one of our primary areas of expertise.

Whether the objective of your mission is to have a net-positive or net-negative payload buoyancy, our buoyancy control device with acoustic / timer actuation (BCS-ATA) is the first easy-to-use interface that incorporates activation by acoustic signal, hard-wired tablet or pre-programmed timer. The device is so solid that is relied on by many in tough situations like ordinance recovery and sensitive equipment maintenance or installation. Each product is hand-tested for full functionality before shipment and is backed in good faith by the level of quality that we have provided to so many key figures in the marine world over the past 45 years and counting.

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