Sump Pump Installation Will Keep A Building Safe And Dry

The terrain of Missouri makes it necessary for a sump pump installation in St Louis to keep a building safe and dry. Without a working sump pump in the basement of a building in Missouri, it may & become flooded and increase the building’s dampness level. A sump pump is installed in a hole dug under the basement to collect excess water and move it away from the foundation of a building. The pump will eliminate pooling of water under a foundation, reduce the chance for mold to develop and keep the pressure off the basement walls.

Is The Sump Pump Pit Located In The Center Of The Basement?

The pit and sump pump are usually located on an outside wall and close to a convenient place where the water can be pumped from home. A pit is unlike a regular floor drain because there will be a series of pipes under the basement floor that leads to the sump pump pit area. The drain pipes are located in the footer of a home and contain & a PVC pipe with holes and gravel.

Why The Regular Outside Drains Remove The Water From The Foundation?

In areas where the terrain is sloped and doesn’t contain a lot of clay, outside drains that are properly working will remove the water. Unfortunately, the Missouri landscape requires an indoor sump pump to keep a foundation from deteriorating and creating an unsafe situation that includes mold growth.

Can A Homeowner Install Their Own Sump Pump?

It is highly recommended that a homeowner have a plumber with experience in sump pump installation in St Louis perform this type of work. They can install sump pump alarms to alert a homeowner of any problems with the system and provide airtight sump pump covers to prevent moisture from escaping the pit. They will also provide a warranty that is transferable to a new owner.

If your basement or crawlspace is damp, moldy, or has a foul smell, your home has a water problem. Classic Aire Care has years of experience in the plumbing industry and can install a sump pump system that is specifically designed for your home.

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