Take Care of Your Hardwood Floor In Salt Lake City With These Tips

There is a lot to consider before hiring a company that offers hardwood floor installation Salt Lake City, and this includes how you are going to take care of your flooring. You can take care of your hardwood floor by keeping the following tips in mind.

Preventive Care

Take the steps to prevent your hardwood floor from becoming dirty or damaged in the first place. There should be a mat on the inside and outside of every entrance for wiping off your shoes, and cover high-traffic areas with rugs for extra protection. You can also make it a rule to remove shoes before entering your home. Another idea is to add an extra coat of polyurethane to protect your floor from scratches.

Regular Cleaning

When planning a hardwood floor installation Salt Lake City, be prepared to give it a regular cleaning. You want to dust your floor every day with a microfiber mop, and vacuum your floor every week with a soft-bristled floor-brush attachment. Once a month, damp-mop your floor using a flat microfiber mop and hardwood floor cleaner. Remember to avoid any chemical-based cleaners and abrasive supplies that could damage the floor.

Furniture Pads

Whether you are sliding your chair out or rearranging your furniture, the feet of your furniture can scratch a hardwood floor. You can find furniture pads for just about any piece of furniture. If you cannot find furniture pads, you can always try the old tennis ball method. You can also invest in area rugs to place under your couch, coffee table, dining table and other pieces you may frequently move around.

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