Taking Care of Your Concrete Parking Lot

If you run a business in the Twin Cities, attracting customers is very important. No one wants to park their cars in a lot which looks like it has not received proper care. A poorly kept parking facility is an eyesore and can make your customers go to the competition. This is why you need a good parking lot maintenance plan. Here are some helpful maintenance tips from your commercial concrete contractors in Minneapolis.


Make sure someone cleans all trash and debris from your parking lot about once a week. It is unsightly and sends a bad message to the public. About once every month, you should clean all vehicle fluid stains. Every parking facility gets frequent oil leaks from cars and trucks. Petroleum products are bad for concrete and can shorten its life expectancy.

Fix Those Cracks

Each time your employee cleans the parking lot, make sure he or she reports all cracks and damage. To fix small cracks, you can use a special patch repair compound. For larger cracks and chips, commercial concrete contractors in Minneapolis offer crack repair services, and they can keep your surfaces smooth and attractive.

Get Rid of Grass and Weeds

If you notice anything growing out from your concrete, get rid of it as soon as possible. Weeds can crack your concrete. You can buy inexpensive weed killer in spray bottles, and it does a good job. Make sure the person in charge of cleaning the parking lot has plenty of weed killer on hand.

The Importance of Sealing

A good coat of sealer protects parking lots from water and all kinds of problems. However, it is best to contact local commercial concrete contractors in Minneapolis about sealing your concrete. They have years of experience and the right equipment and chemicals for the job. They make sure everything gets done right.

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