Targeting Doctors with Good Healthcare PR

Without doctors, hospitals could not exist. That does not mean only the doctors who work inside the hospital. Those doctors are obviously a crucial component to any hospital’s success, but there are other doctors who play a vital role. The doctors in and around your community are what play an integral role in the success of your hospital. Without enough doctor referrals, your hospital could not be successful. This is why a good healthcare PR agency will promote your hospital’s brand to doctors.

You might be wondering why a public relations agency would focus on doctors rather than the community. Plain and simple, patients do not typically walk into a hospital on their own doing and make an appointment. Their referring doctor sends a large majority of patients to the hospital. This includes for tests, exams, surgeries and hospital stays. Most consumers pick their doctor first and worry about the hospital later. This is generally because most people see a doctor much more often than they see the inside of a hospital. This is where the necessity lies in targeting your PR campaign to doctors.

Your healthcare PR agency should create a positive brand for your hospital that lets doctors in your community, as well as in the surrounding communities, know just what your hospital does. If doctors know your hospital has certain specialties, services or state-of-the-art treatments, they will be more likely to send patients your way. Outside of emergencies or a crisis, patients will need a doctor’s recommendation to come to your hospital.

This does not mean that your healthcare PR should solely focus on doctors, but it certainly does not hurt. Once the doctors in the area and surrounding areas are on board and excited about your hospital, then you can focus on the patients. Since the doctors are the way the hospital is fed patients, they should not be overlooked for a targeted campaign.

Many doctors work with just one hospital, typically the one that is local to them. But today, the trend is growing for doctors to work with a wide variety of hospitals. In order for your hospital to be included in those networks, you need a good healthcare PR agency at your side. Let your agency create a brand for your hospital. This brand should be a positive image and create desire for doctors to send their patients to you.

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