Tax Relief for Business Owners Looking to Invest in Goffstown

Goffstown: visit; invest; and prosper! Goffstown is open for business and if you are an existing or new business looking to relocate to Goffstown, be aware of current property tax relief opportunities to help your business thrive.

Goffstown, a town of approximately 18,000 residents, using New Hampshire state tax relief law (RSA 79-E) has designated certain economically viable parts of the community as areas for enhancement and economic benefit.

The Tax Relief Incentive provides businesses and property owners with a property tax relief incentive when they invest in improving the physical structure of which their business occupies. To qualify for the property tax relief, the property improvements must enhance the economic vitality of the community.

The Community Revitalization Property Tax Relief holds the property owner’s property tax to the pre-development rate for a certain number of years, after the investment, based on the amount of the investment. This enhances the community and helps business to thrive. A win-win for Goffstown’s residents and your business!

currently has two property tax relief zones, one in Goffstown’s village commercial district, and another in Goffstown’s South Mast Road commercial district in Pinardville.

For more information about Goffstown’s Community Revitalization Tax Relief incentive (RSA 79-E), including a map to show you where they are, go to

Goffstown, centrally located in New Hampshire features a business friendly atmosphere. Goffstown is also ideally located only 13 miles for the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. It is also located only 10 minutes from Manchester, NH, the state’s largest community, and only one hour from Boston and the Seacoast. With nearly 18,000 residents, Goffstown is the 7th largest community in the state. For more information about Goffstown, visit us website.

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