Te-Amo Cigars – Something to Appreciate

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Business Services

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Do you really want a store bought assembly line type of cigar? If so, don’t expect much because you may have to deal with some unpleasant aromas and harsh aftertastes. However, you won’t find this in Te-Amo cigars, which are expertly hand rolled. In fact, they are something to really appreciate.

Te-Amo is considered to be the class of cigars from Mexico, and they are famous for their handmade cigars. Lately they have enjoyed a great deal of success with their Revolution brand, and whether you choose the Churchill or Robusto, you are in for a rare treat.

At first glance, Te-Amo Cigars Revolution brand may not seem impressive. This is because they have not spent a lot of time and money on the band or wrapper. Te-Amo has concentrated on the actual cigar itself. The Revolution is an exciting blend on Nicaraguan and San Andres tobaccos, created in a most unique shape.

When you light up Te-Amo cigars you know you are smoking quality. They emit a spicy sweetness which is just about irresistible. The body comes through as full but not too full, and it manages to blend intensity with mildness, which is a difficult task in the cigar business.

Te-Amo cigars are made with some of the finest cigar tobacco in the world, from the famous San Andres Valley. Te-Amo has a special flavor and style which grows on you and this is why you should reserve judgment until you have enjoyed them several times. Mexican tobacco is very hardy and robust and some people consider it a bit strong or overwhelming. However, these cigars are made to be mild and are as fascinating as they are unique.

Once you get past the original robustness, you’ll enjoy a smooth and easy draw which can only come from the finest of smokes. Here are some brands you are sure to appreciate.

Te-Amo Churchill

Named after one of the most famous cigar connoisseurs in the world, the Churchill has an extraordinary blend of earth and spice.

Te-Amo World Selection Series Honduras Blend Toro

It’s wrapper is Cuban Curojo with premium Nicaraguan filler tobacco and special binders. The Toro has been described as robust and also smooth and silky at the same time. They must be smoked to be truly appreciated.

Te-Amo Robusto Maduro

Would you like a stout cigar with medium body? These Te-Amo cigars delivers a great deal of flavor and quality, which is difficult to describe and even harder to beat.