Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dentistry in Jefferson Park, Ill can use a variety of simple or complex procedures to repair your teeth. Begin by visiting a dentist’s office to have an examination so that you can learn more about the types of treatments available to fix damaged teeth. A teeth-whitening procedure is one of the easiest and fastest ways to see how cosmetic treatments can improve your smile. In only a few minutes, a dentist can apply hydrogen peroxide on your teeth before adding water to create a chemical reaction that will whiten your dental enamel.

Repair the Chips in Your Teeth with Bonding Material

After your teeth are whiter, your dentist can see other problems with your teeth, including tiny chips on the edges of your canines. The teeth toward the front of your mouth may develop natural wear and tear as part of the aging process, but with modern cosmetic dentistry methods, it is possible to fix these chips easily. Our Jefferson Park dentist can mix a color-matching bonding material to apply to the damage on your front teeth, and with careful polishing, the teeth will look normal again.

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If you have teeth with major damage, then it is possible to have a dental crown made to cover the tooth’s shell. You will need a root canal before a dental crown is placed on the tooth, and you are sedated for this procedure. Our dentist will drill through the top of the tooth to suction its infected pulp that contains nerves, blood vessels and roots. This tooth’s shell is filled with a waterproof resin before it is covered with the dental crown. To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services in Jefferson Park, contact Dr. Bozena A. Kryzak, DDS at our website.

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