The 3 Most Important Things a Residential Land Surveyor Should Know

There are a variety of reasons why a land surveyor may be contracted. Government and state systems often require vital information about residential or commercial areas in order to map new sites, plot new developments, and take important archaeological notes. Land surveying requires a high tier of skill and accuracy for a job well done. If you’re a professional surveyor, or you are looking to hire a professional, here are the 3 most important things a residential land surveyor should know about getting the job done right.

1. Residential Land Surveying is an Inside and an Outside Job

Most people are prone to thinking that a land surveyor simply stands outside for hours on end. In truth, surveyors also need to be very tech savvy. A large part of the job is using AutoCAD software programs to manage all the data they’ve collected while out on the field. However, it’s still important that residential land surveyors know how to spend time in the field staking out an area or collecting data for a construction job.

2. A High Level of Mathematical Skill is Required

There are advanced calculation systems that surveyors have adapted to make their jobs easier; however, a high modicum of skill is still a requirement for being a professional and accurate land surveyor. This is especially true in residential areas, as a lot of legal and mathematical knowledge is required to perform proper boundary surveys and understand what rights should and shouldn’t be enacted in an area. Legally, residential land surveyors can act as a witness if there is a court issue with a scouted area.

3. Land Surveyors Know All the Details

Attention to detail is key to being a good land surveyor. Professional surveyors should enjoy being able to use their attention to detail to determine land boundaries, mapping areas, or consulting other construction workers to the ins and outs of building in that area. It’s important that a surveyor’s work is as accurate as possible in order to display the best results and help all construction and legal parties get the most out of a new building or mapping project.

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