The 5 Best Android Stock Apps

In our hurry up and go world, it is vital as a trader or investor to have access to the information you need when you are away from the home or office. Things move quickly these days, and being able to know what’s going on from wherever you are helps to keep you on top of your trades and investments so that you never miss an opportunity or get stuck in a trade that’s going south. Here are five of the best stock market apps for your Android device to help ensure that your fiscal house stays in order.

Wall Street Scanner

There is a lot of information out there these days that is readily available through the magic of the internet, but sometimes it’s just too much information, and too many resources. This is where Wall Street Scanner comes in handy. It aggregates the stock market info you need into one place, like Google reader or an RSS feed for stock and investing info. Aggregation always makes it easier to find and sort through the massive amount of info out there, and Wall Street Scanner does a great job of this for you.

Chaikin Power Tools

Marc Chaikin’s Power Tools Android stock app takes things to the next level, combining data with actionable information. The simple interface quickly gives you the bullish or bearish potential of 5000 stocks  – green is bullish, red is bearish – but it also lets you view the four components that make up the Power Gauge Rating, namely Financial Metrics, Earnings Performance, Price/Volume Activity and Expert Opinions. The rating is based on an unbiased model that analyzes and distills complex information into intuitive displays.  So, you can quickly identify the winners and avoid the losers.  It is a mobile market powerhouse that should be on your Android smart phone.

CNBC Real-Time

CNBC is the granddaddy of financial reporting, and remains as relevant today as it ever has been. Their Real-Time app for Android and iPhone brings real-time and historical charting and stock market quotes into the palm of your hand, as well as pre-market and after hours quotes, which is something you won’t see everywhere. Of course it also brings you breaking news and more, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with Maria Bartiromo. If it did you would never need another app, but you may not get much trading done.


Not exactly the new kid on the block anymore, Bloomberg popped up to give CNBC a run for their money back in the early 2000s, and has been on a roll ever since. Their mobile app lives up to its reputation and gives you powerful stock market information while you are on the go, which we always are these days. One thing that sets the Bloomberg app apart is the international market info that it brings to the game, whereas most apps concentrate on US markets only.

All of these Android stock apps provide great information for you on the go, and each serves its own purpose although they are all related. For a trader like myself, Chaikin’s app would be the one I would choose if I could only have one, and it’s free. Thankfully I don’t have to choose!

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