The Advantage of Steel Plate in Powertrains

The powertrain of your vehicle is under a huge amount of stress. As the truck or car starts to move, the entire weight has to be pushed forward, and all the torque involved hinges on the powertrain. For this reason, certain applications often need a steel plate to handle the burden of both moving the vehicle and all the weight that may be in it or being hauled behind.

Steel Clutch Plates

The clutch system has an especially difficult job to perform. All of the power from the engine has to be transferred to the wheels, both efficiently and quickly. When the clutch is pressed, this power is kinetic, held within the spinning flywheel. When the clutch is released, it has to take all of the horsepower and torque and send it to the wheels. This involves an enormous amount of strain. The clutch plate, when fabricated out of steel plate that is thicker than normal, can perform this difficult task. As it forms the sandwich around the clutch disk, pressing it into the flywheel, the thick steel is less likely to bend or warp in the process. This ensures an adequate connection and an efficient transferal of kinetic energy. Then the truck can take off with ease.

The Formation of the Plate

To make sure the steel plate is carved into the right shape, precise machinery is used. If there is even a slight error in the cutting of the steel, this could mean the death of the transmission or another component for which you need the steel fabrication. To ensure a perfect cut, GROB is often used by steel plate suppliers. These are computer operated cutters that can take specifications and carve out a perfectly sized and shaped steel plate. Also, if a steel plate supplier has a GROB machine, a CNC machine, or similar machinery, they are capable of carving out three-dimensional parts. This means that virtually any component made of steel can be custom made for you by a steel plate supplier.

The biggest advantage to the use of steel plates in a powertrain system is that they are strong and versatile. You can have something fabricated to the exact measurements you need and be on your way in no time. For the steel plate supplies you need, check out Raybestos Powertrain at They have the steel and machinery you need for many applications.

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