The Advantages Of Continuous Blending

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Beverages

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In the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, companies are always looking for the edge that will make them successful. They strive to find that one piece of equipment or combination of factors that will push them ahead of their competition. For some, it is a new formula. For others, the answer lies in updating their equipment to the latest technology, including continuous blending.

The Importance of Mixing and Blending

Mixing and blending is essential in the beverage, food pharmaceutical processing industry. High-quality powdered ingredients may add the flavor, the color and the texture, but blending produces the base for that product that looks, tastes, smells and feels like the consumer desires. Blending combines the powdered ingredients together with the thickening agents and other items for most drinks, processed foods and pharmaceutical products. Companies can add such items as fruit pulp, syrups and chunks of various food items to enhance the texture, appearance and food during the blending process.

If the company wants to produce a product capable of capturing the imagination of the public and retaining it, it will require the right blending system. For many producers of quality food and beverages, this involves looking at installing a continuous blending system.

Why Choose This System?

Companies in the food and beverage industry are like their counterparts in other industries. They want to accomplish produce high quality products quickly at a low cost. In order to do this, beverage and food processing companies need to look specifically at the processing system in place. They need to consider how to improve the various components of the system. By improving blending efficiency, they can increase productivity.

A continuous system is capable of delivering exactly what the companies need. By mixing/blending the components in a pipeline, the system:

  • Blends the ingredients rapidly
  • Blends the ingredients with a consistency and a homogeneity the beverage and food industry requires
  • Controls all additions to the exact desired proportions
  • Blends the materials safely
  • Reduces product waste to a minimum
  • Handles multi-ingredients
  • A blending system that is continuous in nature is all this and more.

Continuous Blending: Technology and the Beverage and Food Industry

In the beverage and food industry today, demands are continually being made to produce high quality products quickly, efficiently and innovatively. Companies are expected to reduce labor costs and ingredient wastage. The processing systems they require must satisfy these needs while producing the desired product with exactitude and economically. Flexibility is also a desired quality for processing equipment. For such companies, a compatible and superior continuous blending system can provide them with this service.