The Advantages of Engineered Wood Floors in Gaithersburg

Wood flooring has been a popular choice in homes for centuries. It is a versatile surface material that looks perfect in nearly any type of home and with almost any decor. Wood floors can be cozy, rustic and elegant depending on their finish. More popular than solid hardwood are the varieties of Engineered Wood Floors in Gaithersburg.

Engineered wood flooring is less apt to warp, swell and shrink the way solid hardwood does. Since it is less sensitive to humid environments, it can even be installed in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. It is even an acceptable option for seasonal homes that are not always perfectly climate controlled all year. Because the core is usually made of recycled materials, this is a green choice that requires fewer trees be harvested for production.

Installation of engineered wood is also faster and more affordable than solid hardwood. It can be applied over wooden sub-flooring and concrete with just a simple underlayment. Its installation requires only a few tools and no glue is needed. It can be walked on as soon as it is installed because it does not need any stain or polyurethane. This also means there are fewer chemical fumes released into the home.

When choosing Engineered Wood Floors in Gaithersburg, homeowners will be able to select the finish that blends best with the desired wall color. A sample of the floor can be taken when the paint is chosen, or a paint swatch can be used to select the flooring. There is no guesswork involved. There are many widths of this flooring available to provide variety in the finished look. Home interior experts suggest the thinnest strips are the best choice for formal rooms while wider boards are more appropriate in casual homes.

Visit Renaissance Floor & Carpet to learn more about all of the flooring options available today. No matter what the style of the home is or how much of a budget is available, there is a solution for everyone. Estimates for flooring replacements are available, and once the floor is in place, they can provide all the information needed about proper care to keep it looking beautiful and to extend its life.

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