The Advantages Of Plastic Molding

For a cost-effective, highly precise and efficient option to produce quality parts of all different sizes and designs, plastic molding, or more specifically plastic injection molding, is considered the go-to process.

The benefits of the process of plastic molding have long been recognized by savvy manufacturers. By understanding the process and recognizing the benefits, you will be able to see why this is the option that is used on a global level for simple to complex shapes.

How it Works

Plastic injection molding is a simple process once the mold and the correct plastic is selected. The mold is a perfect replica of the part with liquid plastic injected under controlled application into the mold cavity.

As the injection of the plastic is always the same, the heated plastic instantly flows through the mold, allowing for precise components free from air pockets, bubbles or incorrect filling of the shape.


Through plastic molding, it is possible to customize the part. With the automated method of fast injection to allow the plastic to flow before any cooling occurs, even more, complex parts can be formed to complete precision.

There is some limitation as to the size of components that can be produced through the process. In addition, depending on the type of plastic in use, there can also be limitations as to the low end of the range possible for the thickness of walls in the design.

Cost Savings

There is virtually no waste with the plastic injection molding processes; there is extremely limited scrap. This is very different from a process that machines the plastic into specific shapes, removing the plastic to create the shape using a CNC milling or turning machine.

Additionally, the price of each part drops based on the number produced. The molds can be used for thousands of cycles, so that the cost can be easily controlled through quality molds and selection of the right thermoplastic.

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