The Advantages Of Renting EMC Testing Equipment

EMC or Electromagnetic Compatibility, as an essential component in systems. It describes or identifies how effectively components in a device or a system are able to function in an environment.

The EMC Factor

Most devices that are sold today have to be EMC compatible. This means that the device does not produce, emit or generate electromagnetic fields that disrupt or influence other devices.

The way that this is determined is through the use of specially designed and developed EMC testing equipment. This equipment has to be calibrated or approved to test to different standards and requirements and to determine with accuracy if electromagnetic disturbances are created by the device or components.

Since the first development of standards for EMC testing in Germany in 1933, the demands for increased EMC testing and higher standards continue to evolve. EMC testing equipment has continually evolved as well, resulting in devices that offer greater testing ability and increased functionality across all testing parameters.

Rent or Buy?

For most companies, completing their in-house testing or for specialized services needing EMC test equipment occasionally or even on a regular basis, renting is a cost-effective option over making a purchase.

Renting the EMC testing system allows you to access the latest in models and choices in the equipment without a large purchase. Additionally, the next time you need the testing equipment you can also have the latest or try out a different system with various testing options.

It is also important to consider the upgrading and maintenance features. When renting for short or long-term use the equipment will always arrive in top condition and upgraded to the latest software and hardware components. This saves in-house staff both time and money and ensures the testing equipment is ready when you are.

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