The Basic Options for Skin Cancer Treatment in San Antonio

The primary Skin Cancer Treatment in San Antonio is surgery. For most people, this will be the only treatment that is needed. Radiotherapy is another popular option that is used for the treatment of skin cancer. If an operation is not suitable for you, then you may be given radiotherapy. In many cases radiotherapy is given after surgery to reduce the chances of the cancer returning.

For those that suffer from basal cell skin cancer, another possible option is to use a drug treatment that causes the skin to become light sensitive. This is then followed by a treatment that involves bright light on the affected area. The official name for this treatment is PDT, or photodynamic therapy. In some situations, chemotherapy will be used for the treatment of skin cancer, but this is not typically a go-to treatment option.


The majority of squamous cell and basal cell skin cancers can be treated successfully with an operation. In most situations, the surgery will be considered minor. Patients are typically given a local anesthetic to the affected area and various techniques may be used, dependent on several factors:

  • The skin cancer type you have
  • The size of the affected area
  • Where the cancer is located
  • The stage of the cancer


This treatment is used for squamous cell or basal cell skin cancers. You will likely have this treatment method for your skin cancer if any of the following situations exist:

  • You are not a suitable candidate for surgery
  • The cancer is located in an area that is hard to operate on
  • The cancer is covering a larger area

There are some situations where your Skin Cancer Treatment in San Antonio may include both radiotherapy and surgery. This is the case if there is any chance that cancerous cells have been left behind after the surgery. You should discuss the options for Skin Cancer Treatment in San Antonio with your doctor and select the best treatment for you.

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