The Basic Steps In Monument Sign Fabrication In Torrance, CA

Signs are a very important part of the public face of a business. Signs not only let customers know where a business is located, they also work to create that all-important first impression. One of the best ways to create a memorable impression is to use a monument sign, a type of sign that is set onto a large rectangular base. A monument sign should be designed by a professional according to the customer’s needs. The following are some of the basic steps in Monument Sign Fabrication in Torrance CA.

Collect Information

The sign fabricator will begin by getting all the necessary information about the sign to be designed. In addition to the customer’s preferences regarding size, colors, location, and overall design, the fabricator will need to know the requirements of the city regarding the maximum height and square footage allowed for commercial signs. The fabricator will also need survey data, photographs of the location, and artwork depicting the desired result.

Draft The Design

In drafting a design for the sign, the designer will need to include all the parts of the sign, including the cap, the cabinet, the base, the foundation, and the support. In addition to adjusting measurements to meet code requirements, the designer should create a sign that will complement the building it advertises and represent the image the business wants to project. An engineer will need to determine the appropriate size of the foundation according to the size of the sign and the material it is made of.

Construct The Sign

Monument signs can be constructed from a variety of sturdy materials, including concrete and metal. The face of the sign can be enhanced with paint, lighting, and decoration. Professionals in Monument Sign Fabrication in Torrance CA can work with customers to achieve a personalized design that will make their business stand out. They can also suggest techniques for installation that will work best for a given location.

Monument signs are a great choice for any business that wants to attract attention and make a powerful statement. To learn more about all kinds of business signage, from illuminated signs to pole signs to monument signs and more, check out Wesco Signs. Customers can visit online to see their full range of products.

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