The benefits of massage therapy

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Health Care

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Therapeutic massage has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, the massage therapist in Bellevue has the techniques to provide many different styles of massage, each with its own pressures, movements and style. Regardless of the type of massage, they all involve rubbing, pressing and manipulating muscles with hands, feet, forearms and elbows.

Although there are over 80 different styles, not all are practiced by every masseuse. In most cases, the style will depend upon the reason for seeking relief. Most massage treatments are given for relaxation, sore muscles, pregnancy, sports and treatment of injuries.
A massage therapist in Bellevue may or may not use oil or lotions, whether they do or not, the strokes range from long smooth strokes to short strokes with the quality of a blow. There is no specific time limit set for a massage, each is different and can last from 5 minutes to a couple of hours.

When you have had an opportunity to talk to the massage therapist in Bellevue, explaining your reason for seeking a massage, a specific style will be chosen. The primary types are as follows:

Swedish massage:

This massage involves long soft strokes, coupled with a kneading action. The style also embraces light tapping, especially on the outermost muscle layer. These stroke styles are used in combination with joint manipulation. Swedish massage is beneficial in relieving muscle tension, and it is also relaxing and energizing.

 Neuromuscular massage:

This massage style includes the manipulation of soft tissues, the aim being to treat the causes of chronic pain, which involve the nervous system and muscles. This system has a medical orientation, and it addresses tender muscle points, often referred to as “trigger points.” The therapist will also focus on circulation, compressed nerves and issues stemming from poor posture. Neuromuscular massage is recommended for injuries caused by repetitive movement.

Deep tissue massage:

This massage style aims at identifiable trouble spots that display pain and stiffness. The massage therapist in Belleview uses very slow and deliberate strokes that put pressure deep under the skin. This style of massage is not as rhythmic as others, but it is very helpful in relieving chronic pain and tension as is usually associated with back strain and similar injuries.
Sports massage:
A sports massage is usually developed to support a particular sport, and it uses different approaches for when the athlete is in training, as well as before, during and after the sporting event. This massage is used in enhance the athlete’s flexibility which helps to prevent injuries; it also helps stimulate healing after an injury.

Pregnancy massage:

This type of massage is used to help the expectant mother in stress reduction, decreasing the swelling in arms and legs and relieving joint and muscle pain. Pregnancy massage is of particular benefit when medication and other medical options are limited.

Massage is beneficial in combating health problems that can manifest themselves as headaches, osteoarthritis and anxiety.