The Benefits of Paintless Car Dent Removal in Richmond, VA

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Auto Repair

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Over time, a vehicle is exposed to a wide array of weather conditions and environments. While the exteriors of most cars are designed to withstand a great deal of use and abuse, hail and irresponsible drivers can cause dents and other imperfections to arise. While in the past the only option was to have parts replaced, many auto body shops are now utilizing dent removal technology that no longer requires repainting. If the idea of using this type of dent removal seems foreign, keep reading. The following are just three of the many benefits of using paintless dent removal to repair a vehicle’s unsightly exterior.

Quick Turn Around Time

Most dent removal requires the use of replacement parts, which can cause a car to be out of commission for up to 10 days. Paintless Car Dent Removal Richmond VA, can be completed in as little as one hour, which means less time without reliable transportation. Most dent removal companies can even perform the service during a lunch break, which means not having to miss out on work or life in order to restore a vehicle.

Affordable and Insurance Funded

Traditional dent removal is costly, and can cause insurance premiums to skyrocket depending on the cause of the dents. New technology in dent removal makes it affordable, and most insurance companies will cover the cost of the procedure under comprehensive coverage. Don’t let a dent repair create a financial hardship, when most auto body shops can repair them for a fraction of the cost of traditional dent removal methods.

Perfect Results

The most important concern when having Car Dent Removal Richmond VA, is to ensure that the vehicle is restored to as close to perfect as possible. With paintless removal, the results are guaranteed, which means a dented car can be restored to perfect showroom condition. Just because it is more affordable doesn’t mean having to sacrifice the quality that is expected and deserved. Click here for more details.

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