The Benefits of Podiatry in Racine WI

Feet are very important for walking and standing throughout the day. Many people spend a lot of time on their feet due to various activities and work. This can cause a lot of foot pain and other issues. When feet hurt, it can make it hard to perform the things that need to be done throughout the day. Fortunately, Podiatry in Racine WI can help with the various issues that can be experienced in the feet. They can even help with other issues of the body caused by the feet.


Many people experience foot pain on a regular basis. There are doctors that specialize in the various aspects of the foot to provide help and treatment for this type of pain. There are other types of pain, such as back, hip and knee pain, that can also be caused by the feet. These doctors can identify this issue and help find options to correct this problem. This can allow a person to get back to their normal life without pain.


When visiting a doctor who specializes in Podiatry in Racine WI, a thorough examination will be given to find the exact cause of the problem. A hands-on examination will allow staff to feel and see the various parts of the foot and ankle to identify any problems. They may also observe the patient walking to identify problems with the use of the feet and ankles. If needed, X-rays and/or MRI’s may be ordered to get an in depth look at the problem.


There are various treatments available to help feet and ankles. For many, something as simple as a shoe insert may help correct many foot and ankle issues. These inserts are designed to hold the foot in a proper manner to provide support and promote healthy standing and walking. Certain exercises and manipulations may also be utilized to provide care for feet and ankles. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct more severe issues.

A podiatrist can also treat various other foot related issues, such as athlete’s foot and nail fungus. They can provide treatments and options to keep feet and ankles healthy and pain free. Visit us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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